Referrals from Property Management Professionals

John West, Past President California Apartment Association

"Integrity, trustworthy, reliable. These are the qualities to look for in a property manager...Joe has them all."

Dorothy Gourley, Dorothy Gourley & Associates 

"Sullivan Properties consistently trains their staff to meet today's challenges. Education is of prime importance in keeping up with the changing trends in apartment management.  A visit to one of Sullivan Properties is time well spent. I spent a day touring their properties and was very impressed with the management and care given each one."

Deb Bronson, Deb Bronson & Associates

"Joe Sullivan's integrity, direction and dedication to excellence provide the essential ingredients required to consistently keep clients and owner's satisfied. Sullivan Properties, Inc. is a company that stands out in a crowd of many fee management firms, simply because they will do whatever it takes to get the job done right."

Lou Hager, formerly Mr. Maintenance in Apartment News Magazine

"Sullivan Property Management has a staff of trained maintenance personnel that is able to do most repairs at a savings to property owners. They offer 24-hour maintenance coverage and are knowledgeable, quick to respond and professional in handling all maintenance issues."

Ken Blake CPA, Certified Accounting Software

"The accounting department at Sullivan Property Management is excellent! Their Operational Reports and Budgets are well-documented, easy to read and presented in a timely manner. Their staff is always available to answer any question you may have."

Valerie Teeter, Executive Director of the Apartment Association of O.C.

"Sullivan Property Management has been an active member of the Apartment Association of Orange County for over twenty years. Their staff attends AAOC sponsored training and educational programs which equips them to provide quality service to their clients."

Bill Gorman, W.R. Gorman & Associates, O.C. Investment & Sales Counselor

"I have referred Sullivan Property Management to several challenging properties, and each time saw successful results.  I will continue to refer Sullivan Property Management."


Client Referrals

Alfonso R. Sanchez, MD   (61 Units - Anaheim)    SINCE AUGUST 2001

"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the great and excellent services that Sullivan Properties has provided in the management of my apartments in Orange County.  Especially after other management companies failed to do the necessary work that the apartments needed to bring them into profitability.  Again, thank you very much for the excellent management that you provide. Keep up the good work!"

The Comias   (76 Units - Tustin)    SINCE FEBRUARY 1987

"My husband and I have been doing business with Joe Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan Property Management Company, since the early 90's. Since then, we have put the care of our property in his hands and his chosen employees.

Joe and his employees are always available anytime for questioning, meetings or anything at all. They are very hard working people and anytime one goes to their office, you feel at home because they always welcome you with big smiles. They check on the property regularly and make sure everything is working fine. They really are a "TEAM".

Thank you Joe and everybody for making the Apartment a Success. "

D. Solnick   (70 Units - Tustin)   SINCE JUNE 1987

"I have found Joe Sullivan and his staff to be responsive, pro-active, and most of all personable. I recommend them without hesitation."

Catherine Newman    (60 Units - Costa Mesa)    SINCE APRIL 1986

“For over 20 years my 60 unit apartment complex in Costa Mesa has been managed by the same group of trusted management personnel. The professional staff at Sullivan Property Management has provided an outstanding service to me and to my residents. They have earned my trust and confidence for all my income property management concerns. Since I am retired I need to be able to count on and trust a competent and truly honest company with integrity and character. Sullivan Property Management is that company.”

WCL & Associates, Inc.    (58 Units - Orange County)    SINCE JUNE 1998

"Sullivan Property Management has been managing our properties since 1998. Joe Sullivan and his staff were able to completely turn around our property in Santa Ana and clean up all the mess left by the previous management. Their management style has been diligent, methodical and hands-on in handling routine maintenance and turn-over rehabs. They also have an in-house maintenance staff to supplement outside vendors to achieve maximum cost effectiveness. The icing on the cake among their services is the fact that Sullivan's bookkeeping and monthly reports are always timely, impeccable and easy to understand. Among other management companies we are using, Sullivan's monthly report is the best. In addition, Sullivan's office staff are working as a team catering to the needs of each individual owner. We were so much impressed by their performance that we gave them another property to manage about 5 years ago and we are delighted to share our experience with other apt. owners who wish to enhance their bottom line."

Joyce Luithle  (46 Units - Garden Grove and Anaheim)  SINCE DECEMBER 2000

"I have been associated with Sullivan Property Management for 9 years and have found them to manage my properties as though they were their own. After hiring and firing 3 other management companies in a 1½ year period because of their lack of management and accounting abilities of their personnel, I was ready to sell my properties. I decided to try one more time and made an appointment with Joe Sullivan to discuss his management style and the company’s capabilities. It was a very productive interview whereby we each described what we considered proper full service management. I am still with Sullivan Property Management and have never found a reason to consider changing. All personnel have always been knowledgeable regarding state laws & requirements: hard working: always accommodated my requests and the accounting personnel has been extremely accurate.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision 9 years ago. "

Herb and Eleanor Chambers    (32 Units - Orange)    SINCE MARCH 2001

“Joe and his team laid out a complete strategy for the management of my property. He shared both his business and management philosophies with us, and introduced us to the member of his great staff at Sullivan Property Management. We made the decision to have Sullivan manage our properties and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.”

Betty Lusk   (21 Units - Fullerton & Anaheim)    SINCE JANUARY 2001

"Thanks to the Sullivan Property Management Company, who has managed my small units in Fullerton & Anaheim for several years, I'm enjoying my retirement years with less worries and more income."

Don & Joyce Thue    (14 Units - Anaheim)    SINCE JULY 2002

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you and your staff are always available and willing to answer all my questions.

Your quick responses to my requests have given me the assurance I need that my property is in good hands and you do care about the service you provide and the expenses that are ever increasing.

I highly recommend you and your company to anyone who is looking for an honest, reliable property management company."

Dr. & Mrs. Hans Vogel    (14 Units - Garden Grove)    SINCE FEBRUARY 2007

"My wife and I began using Sullivan Property Management in February 2007. We had managed every facet of our rental properties ourselves since our first acquisition in 1959. After our retirement, we hesitated to confer oversight of the major source of our income to an outside agency primarily because of the trust factor.

After extensive research and obtaining recommendations from many reliable sources, we decided to turn over supervision of our properties to the Sullivan firm. We do not hesitate to recommend Sullivan Property Management to anyone who is seeking a reliable and trustworthy service of this type."

Barbara Rallison   (12 Units - Tustin/Orange)    SINCE SEPTEMBER 2001

"I can highly recommend Sullivan Property Management. They have been efficient and thorough in the handling of my various properties. It is a relief to know that I can rely on them for the day to day running of my rental properties and any problems that may occur."

Patrick O'Connor    (8 Units - Newport Beach)    SINCE MAY 1980

"After a smooth ride for 33 years, I can recommend the Sullivan team for as good as they get. They are on the ball with tenant collections, apartment care and accounting. What more could you want?"

The Rush Family   (7 Units - Anaheim)    SINCE JUNE 2008

"I live in New York. Sullivan Property Management has managed several real estate locations and units for my uncle and mother and now for my siblings and me. We would recommend their services to anyone. The Rush Family loves Sullivan Property Management. "

Joan Lewis   (7 Units - Anaheim)    SINCE MAY 1995

"I have used Sullivan Properties for more than fifteen years, and have found them to be very dependable, thorough and thoughtful. I am very pleased with their results and am happy to recommend them. I particularly would like to commend Mona Frank, with whom I have dealt the last ten years. Since my husband died ten years ago, and I had to take on the responsibilities of our income properties, she has been one with whom I could take my problems. She has always been able to give me good, capable advice. I live about 100 miles from my property, and it has been good to know that I could go to someone whom I could trust to give me proper advice."

Wylie and Bette Aitken   (7 Units - Costa Mesa)    SINCE AUGUST 1993

"Sullivan Property Management has managed our property since 1993-that, in and of itself, tells you something! The efficiency accompanied by the courtesy extended to me and my staff over the years has been excellent. We have a great deal of trust and confidence in the company."

Maureen Carpenter   (6 Units - Garden Grove)   SINCE FEBRUARY 2000

"This letter is long overdue! I just want to thank you for helping me to hold it all together since my father passed away at the beginning of last year.

I don’t know what I would have done had I not been able to count on you and Mona to oversee everything from keeping our six units rented to overseeing the entire roof replacement and replacement of the two staircases.

Mona was so diligent in getting bids on the work and meeting tradesmen and with me to discuss what needed do be done. My father was not up to these tasks the last year of his life, but I know he always felt that he could depend on Sullivan Property Management to deal with his properties as if they were your own.

I rely on receiving your diligent and detailed rental records and accounting sheets every month. I have truly been able to relax about the rentals units,-- an absolute necessity, since I am dealing with the rest of my father’s estate as his executrix and trustee.

Once again, many thanks to you, and to all your staff for a job well done! "

ER Management LLC   (6 Units - Santa Ana)   SINCE NOVEMBER 2005

"You and your team have done an amazing job with our apartment property located in Santa Ana . After my father passed away 10 years ago, we experienced some issues on the Santa Ana property. My first call was to the AAOC and they highly recommended your firm.

During the first year of your management, you handled the challenging situation with great patience. Ultimately, your team guided us to make the right, yet difficult decisions. Since then, your firm has prudently improved the property, making it attractive to both the owner and residents. Everyone at your firm has contributed including your property supervisor, accountant, maintenance and receptionist.

Our family feels fortunate to have your firm managing our property. It is rare to find property management that manages the property like an owner. With your management of the property,we have the time to pursue other things without worrying."

Maureen Carpenter   (6 Units - Garden Grove)   SINCE 2000

"I am writing to let you know that Sullivan Properties was the greatest management company we could have had and that I learned a lot about business management from the excellent records and monthly statements you sent. Your staff, from Yennie who always answered your phone, to your property managers, and most especially Mona Frank, were appreciated beyond words. The fact that these same people were always there over the years and always responded promptly and acted with proper business etiquette speaks to the fact that you have created a family of devoted employees, with whom any client would feel both comfortable and protected. I congratulate you on this, as I think it is rare in our world. My heart felt thanks to all of you, and especially to you. I would never recommend anyone else and hope to have the opportunity to send referrals to you in the future."

Les Chillcott   (4 Units - Santa Ana)   SINCE FEBRUARY 1986

"Sullivan Property Management has looked after my four-plex for the last twenty years and have my complete confidence and trust. They are a full service organization, dealing with everything required, from the screening of prospective tenants to heir move-out. They collect the rents and pay all the bills, then send the remaining cash flow directly to my bank account at the end of each month. In addition they are quick to respond if I have any questions about it or any other relevant subject. They survey the area for comparable rentals and adjust our rates accordingly. When we have a vacancy they make repairs, paint clean and prepare the unit for re-rental expeditiously. I have a high personal regard for the staff members I deal with. "

Nors. S. Josephson   (4 Units - Orange County)   SINCE JUNE 1992

"It is a pleasure to recommend Sullivan Properties in the highest possible terms. Joe Sullivan and his expert team at Sullivan Properties have managed my four Orange County properties for over twenty years now. I have always been most happy with his excellent work, which has provided me and my wife with plentiful income. His property managers Jeannie and Scarlett conduct periodic inspections of my condominiums and thus are in a good position to evaluate necessary repair work. During the recent Southern California fires I was in close contact with Joe Sullivan and he gave me frequent updates as to the firefighters' progress in combatting the blazes. It is a pleasure to deal with Joe and his expert team, both professionally and in terms of genuine friendship. His is a terrific company, based on the highest ethical and professional principles. I recommend them highly."

Mike Buettell   (4 Units - Tustin)   SINCE 1994

"For the past 16 years, Joe, Mona, Mary and others from Sullivan Properties have provided a guiding light through the often dark and treacherous waters of apartment ownership. On numerous occassions, their integrity, wisdom/calmness in the face of adversity, not to mention timely maintenance responses have literally kept me in business. I am indebted to them and sincerely hope we can continue our relationship for another 16 years."

Cindy and Len Allen   (3 Units - Brea)   SINCE OCTOBER 2001

"Sullivan Property Management has been managing our triplex in Brea, California since 2002. We retained you, in part, because of a difficult tenant situation in one of the units which was taking a lot of our time, and since we were both still working at the time, we didn't have the time to devote to the triplex.

We have been very pleased with the personal service provided by your staff, has kept us involved every step of the way.

Your monthly Cash Flow Statement, Rent Roll, and General Ledger are very comprehensive, with each entry very clear and well documented, and the Monthly Year to Date Summary, especially for December, is ideal for preparing our annual taxes. The periodic unit inspection by your stuff is useful in providing preventative maintenance when necessary and to help us prepare for future expenses, if we elect to defer some of the work.

We recommend Sullivan Property Management to other apartment owners."

Russ Wudi   (3 Units - Corona, Orange)   SINCE MAY 2001

"My properties have been managed by Sullivan for the past 10 years+. In all aspects of our business relationship, the Sullivan staff have been exemplary. As an out of state landlord, I know my properties are being managed with my "pride of ownership" in mind, and in the long haul, this translates to money in the bank."

Richard Valenstein   (3 Units - Costa Mesa & Newport Beach)                            SINCE DECEMBER 2000

"To realize how good Sullivan Properties is, I think you first have to experience bad management. I came to Joe after a previous experience where no initiative was used to collect the rent, the prospective tenants were not background-checked, and the "service" department viewed my account as an excuse to manufacture work.

I've now had my properties with Sullivan for over 10 years. Never has any work been done where I was unsure of the necessity. Recently, I needed to perform an expensive repair on one of the properties; they got me 3 bids, and helped me reduce the lowest bid even more; the quality of the work was excellent.

Never has money not been collected nor remitted promptly. The individuals assigned to my properties did a good job in selecting the tenants and act between both parties as an intermediary. I have had no tenant turnover in more than 5 years."

Chris Mills   (1 Unit - Santa Ana)   SINCE OCTOBER 2004

"I would like to say that Sullivan Property Management has been managing and helping me with my property in Santa Ana for over 4 years now. They are very efficient and courteous in the way they deal with my tenants and myself as an absentee property owner living 150 miles away. They are timely in collecting my rent and letting me know when there is a problem there. I feel very confident that they can manage any property big or small and I would recommend them to anyone needing a good management company. "

Kay & Monte Hill   (1 Unit - Fullerton)   SINCE MARCH 2008

"Their knowledge and capability in property management has been very satisfactory."

Dolores Wright   (1 Unit - Diamond Bar)   SINCE JANUARY 1994

"I have been a client of the Sullivan Property Management for 20 years or more. They are dependable and courteous to my tenants and me. Problems are addressed quickly and efficiently. My Tenants are happy and so am I."

Richard and Susan Day   (1 Unit - Anaheim)   SINCE 1990

"Sullivan Property Management has been managing our house in Anaheim since 1990, except for the year when we returned to the area. During the 18+ years under Sullivan Management our house has always been rented and the tenants have consistently taken good care of our property. Sullivan has advised us when repairs were needed and after obtaining our consent performed/managed the work in a timely and cost effective manner. We are completely satisfied with the Sullivan team and would highly recommend them to our family and friends."

Karen S. Kiefer, D.O.   (1 Unit - Diamond Bar)   SINCE NOVEMBER 2004

"We have used Sullivan Properties for several years to manage an investment property in Diamond Bar. They are in continuous contact to relay issues or concerns about the property and are great negotiators between renter and owner. The rent payment arrives exactly on the first day of the month allowing me enough time to pay the mortgage on time as well. I highly recommend Sullivan Property Management to anyone looking for a simple and efficient company to handle their management needs. "

Marilyn Johnson   (1 Unit - Fullerton) - SINCE SEPTEMBER 2006

"We have been with Sullivan Property Management since Sept 2006. We were referred by a friend who is in R.E and we greatly respect his opinion.

At the point we met the Sullivan people, we needed a manager in the worst way. We live 400 miles form the property and our lives are very busy we just let them “do their thing” and we truly respect their judgments and performance.

Our property has been rented with one good tenant since we hired them. The monthly money arrives on time and rarely are there unexpected expenses.

We love it and are extremely pleased with their professional performance."

Randy Jones    (1 Unit - Orange)   SINCE JUNE 2008

"Sullivan Property Managment has handled my personal rentals for approximately one year. They bring competence, and personal touch and integrity to their partner's business needs. I am completely satified and wish that all my business contacts performed like they have."

Ted & Lauren Bryan   (1 Unit - Fullerton)    SINCE MAY 1999

"Professional & dependable...Sullivan Management takes the worries out of renting!"

Caroline Bond   (1 Unit - Costa Mesa)   SINCE 2014

"Marvelous team of professionals. Explored putting property insurance out to bid. Sullivan followed through on an apples to apples comparison. They came back with a savings of $250.00 on one of my small properties. I am thrilled I don't have to be bothered with every small complaint. This company handled my cousin's properties for over 20 years. So thank you, Joe, Mona and the whole team. Caroline Bond"